The Coming Times
Window of Opportunity
    And now we have landed
    It is on a tropical beach
    A Hawaii resort-type beach

    People are on vacation
    People are relaxing

    They are enjoying their leisure
    They are enjoying their time in the sun
    And now I see them look up startled
    Look up at the sky
    And then they shake their head
    As if to shake off whatever it was they thought
    They had heard or seen
    They forget it
    And now they are back to frolicking in the sun
    I see a group of young beautiful women playing volleyball
    On the beach with a beach ball
    And I see couples walking down the beach
    Hand in hand, strolling, enjoying their walk together
    And now I see the couples look up startled at the sky
    I know not why they look up
    They themselves do not seem to know why

    It is as though whatever caused them to look up
    Did not register in their conscious mind
    It only reached their subconscious mind
    For they do not even know what caused them to look up

    When they do look up, they see nothing unusual
    And they shake their heads again
    Forget their momentary startledness
    And resume their walk
    And oh my!

    I now see that the sky is populated by huge angels

    The pure white clouds have taken the form of angels
    Wings and all
    And yes they are holding trumpets

    It is so clear!  It is so obvious!
    It is visible to the human eyes
    One need not spiritual sight

    One needs only physical eyesight to see that the sky
    Is populated with clouds shaped in the appearance of angels!
    And I see a little boy point up at the sky
    Look! He says to his father.  Look at the sky!
    And the father casually looks
    And stops short, his mouth open
    For yes there is no mistaking it
    The clouds are most definitely in the form of angels

    No this is not just a way of perceiving the clouds
    If you hold your head one way you see one thing
    And if you tilt your head just an angle off
    You see a different shape

    Oh no!
    The clouds have most definitely and decidedly
    Taken the form of angels

    Large angels, awesome angels, majestic angels

    And the father and the son stop still in their tracks
    The father’s mouth gaping open
    The son continuing to cry to the people around him
    Look!  Look at the sky!

    And now when the people look
    They see
    And they stop short
    And they rub their eyes
    And yes, the shape of the angels are still there

    And no, the angels are not moving
    It is as a tableau
    But a tableau of angels with wings and trumpets it clearly is

    And now everyone on the beach is looking
    And now everyone on the beach is seeing

    And there is no denying the physical vision
    There is no denying
    What one is seeing with one’s physical eyes

    And the people are left startled and in shock
    And not knowing how to react to what they are seeing
    Enter into one person
    What is that person thinking
    Why how cute!  The clouds are shaped like angels!
    Isn’t that sweet!  I wish I had my camera.
    Now enter another person
    What is that person thinking
    It is just a natural phenomena is all
    Sometimes clouds look like bunny rabbits
    Right now they are looking like angels
    In a few moments they will look like something else
    That is all this is        
    That is all
    Nothing more than this
    No, nothing more
    Nothing to get excited about
    Of course not, not at all
    And now enter a third person
    What is that person thinking
    And this person is on his knees
    My Lord and my God!
    What does this mean?
    Is your salvation at hand?

    My God, my God please answer me
    My God, please explain to me this message
    You are clearly sending for all to see

    What is the message of this vision
    What am I supposed to take away from it

    Please my God
    May my understanding of this vision
    Be as clear
    As my physical view of it
    Stay with this person
    Remain with this person
    What happens next
    My child
    Yes my Father
    What do you think it means
    Father I know not
    Don’t you
    What is it that you are seeing?
    I am seeing your angels, Father
    I am seeing them sound the trumpet
    I do not hear the call of the trumpet
    The angels are not moving
    The picture is still
    Is it still
    Look more closely
    And the individual pays closer attention
    And realizes that though the clouds appear motionless

    The picture they are now presenting
    Is slightly different than what had been presented
    Moments before
    And what is the difference
    The angels are now closer to the Earth
    They are larger for they are closer

    And now one can see their faces more clearly
    Some of them are looking at the humans head on

    If one looks up at them, one can make eye to eye contact
    And yes, now every single person on the beach
    And yes, even the people at the hotel pools
    And at the outside restaurants
    Are standing still
    Still as statues they are
    Mesmerized by what they are seeing
    They are transfixed

    And yes they are awestruck
    By the majesty of the angels’ presence

    And no, there is no longer any doubt in any one’s mind
    There cannot be
    The evidence is overwhelming

    No one any longer thinks this is cute
    No one any longer thinks this is just a cloud formation
    That will transform into another cloud formation
    Another shape, a bunny rabbit perhaps

    No, no, no

    The people are convinced
    The image has remained long enough
    The angels have come ever closer
    Though their movement was imperceptible
    They have come closer
    Their presence more immediate
    It demands the humans’ attention

    No, they are not to be ignored!
    No, they are not to be trivialized!

    No there is no longer any possibility of such

    And one and all on the beach, at the pools
    At the outdoor restaurants
    Are all standing in place, transfixed, mesmerized
    Immobilized, almost hypnotized are they
    By what they are seeing
    And what are they thinking
    Most are not
    They are not thinking
    All thought has fled

    They are looking
    They are seeing
    They are feeling

    But thinking has stopped
    And why is that
    This is too much to think about
    Where would one even begin to start
    I see
    What do you see, dear Spirit
    That the people are still in denial

    Even after all these years and all these decades

    Of sign after sign
    Of message after message
    Of the ever increasingly clear handwriting on the wall

    The people are still in denial
    They are still in denial
    They are still in denial

    That is what I see

    So much in denial
    That they cannot even respond
    To the vision of the Father’s Angels before them
    That is how in denial they are

    That is what I see

    And that is truly unfortunate
    Truly it is

    For they must wake up these people
    Wake up they must

    For the window of opportunity does not last forever
    Miss it and you are doomed for another age
    Before it opens again

    And God alone knows how long that age will last

    The window of opportunity is coming upon us now

    All the signs are pointing to this
    All the messengers are stating this
    The handwriting on the wall most clearly points to this

    Humanity wake up!
    You have a once in an age
    Opportunity to ascend

    To rise up from the hellhole that is your existence
    To rise up from the comfort that is your existence
    To rise up from the boredom that is your existence

    To rise up to a higher and more glorious
    And more meaningful Life

    To rise up to a higher plane of existence
    Where all, but ALL is better

    My dear ones, even the food tastes better
    On the higher planes of reality!

    Do you really want to miss this chance to rise

    Do you really want to continue flying coach
    When you are being given a chance to fly first class

    My dear ones, my dear ones
    Please look about you

    Open your eyes and look about you
    And fear not, fear not, fear not

    Know that you are being given an invitation
    Know that you are being invited to rise
    And yes if you dare, to ascend

    And that can only be good
    It can only be good

    For each higher plane
    Is a more pleasing plane of reality
    Than the one below it

    The quality of life improves the higher up one goes

    My dear ones, you are being invited to move up

    Know my children that the invitation
    Is for a limited time only

    It is easy to move up during the window of opportunity
    It is a class graduation if you will

    All of humanity, if it so chooses
    Can take advantage of this invitation
    And graduate
    Yes, move on up to the next level of Life
    To a higher level of being
    One that will, we assure you, we guarantee you
    Will please you more
    Infinitely more

    You will feel yourself to have won the lottery
    So much more pleasing will life be

    Know that most of humanity can take advantage
    Of this window of opportunity

    Know that when the window closes
    It takes the rare saint, the rare martyr
    The rare and few Mother Theresa’s of this world
    Who are able to rise, to ascend on their own

    Most of you are not able to do so
    Most of you will not able to do so

    Do not, my dear ones
    Miss out on your class graduation

    For so many of you will choose to take advantage
    Of this opportunity

    Many of you will do so and rise
    Some of you will do so and ascend

    Do you really want to be one of those left behind?

    And know my children
    Know beyond the shadow of any doubt
    That in life there is no stagnation

    There is progress and there is retrogression
    There is no stagnation

    Know that should you fail to rise with your fellows
    You will find that the plane you are on
    Will degrade, it will devolve

    And you will not be suited for it
    You will not like it

    As much as you like or dislike your current existence
    You will find your existence worse
    Than you currently find it to be
    For it will be worse

    For you see, you are meant to rise
    And the plane you are on
    Is meant for people less evolved than you

    People who are themselves rising
    From their current level of existence
    To the one you are on

    And your current level of existence
    Your current plane of reality will belong to them
    Not to you

    It is they who will rule
    Not you

    They who are less evolved than you will rule
    And you will be subject to them
    Who are inferior to you, you will be subject to
    And no, you will not like it
    Not one little bit

    And your inherent superiority will be useless
    Useless, useless

    Worse than useless, it will be considered a weakness
    For the rules will change you see
    The paradigm will change you see
    And you will no longer be among your own you see
    You will no longer be home you see

    For your home will have risen
    And you will have failed to rise with it

    Let go of your strictly materialistic concepts

    Let go of your patently absurd notion
    That the way things are
    Are the way things have always been
    And the way things shall always remain

    Surely even your elementary school lessons
    Have taught you that the planet has evolved
    Over the centuries, over the ages

    Why should you think it should stop evolving now?

    Surely even your elementary school lessons
    Have taught you that civilizations rise
    And civilizations fall
    And always have

    Why should you think that that should stop now?

    Just because you are now on the planet
    The planet and the march of civilizations should stop?
    Should pause for you to enjoy your stability?

    No!  No!  And again No!

    Motion is the law of the universe
    Life is not static; it moves
    It moves, it moves, it moves

    And it is your choice whether to move up
    Or to move down

    And understand, please do understand
    That to not move, is to move down

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Copyright  2006  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved