The Coming Times
The Great Spin

    And Mother is holding the globe on the end of her necklace out
    For us to look at; for us to look into
    And we look and the globe gets bigger
    It is the size of a basketball
    And we take it in our hands
    And we spin it around
    And it spins fast!
    It spins fast this globe does
    We watch fascinated at how quickly it is able to spin itself around

    And now Mother grabs hold of the globe
    And stops its spinning cold
    And all that is on the Earth keeps moving forward

    It is as when a car suddenly stops
    And the passengers keep moving forward
    Into the front windshield they move

    So this is happening to all on Earth
    The globe has stopped spinning
    But they keep moving forward due to momentum
    It is a few moments before they stop
    And when they do they are not at the place they had been at
    No one is
    Nothing is

    No one and nothing is where they had been
    All on Earth has moved
    Every single thing

    And the people look around in a daze
    What has happened?   And   Where are we?

    They had not even perceived the spinning of the globe
    They only felt it when the globe’s spinning had stopped
    And they kept moving
    That is when they felt the motion

    While the globe was spinning they had not perceived
    Anything unusual, nothing at all

    The scientists had, but kept quiet about it
    Because their governments told them to
    Because their governments did not want their citizens upset
    Did not want the populace destabilized

    And now nothing is as it was
    Land is where water was
    And water is where land was
    And people are in each other’s countries
    And know not which country they are in

    What is this strange place
    What am I doing here
    What are we doing here
    How did we get here

    And the people wish to return home
    They all get up and move
    And again there are mass migrations
    For each segment of the population longs for its own home

    And so they move
    Not realizing that their home itself has moved
    And they travel about looking for their home
    And truly the population is lost
    They recognize not the landmarks
    They recognize not the Earth
    They find not their home

    And the people are bewildered and lost
    And all is in a state of flux
    All is in a state of change
    That period after the before state
    And before the after state
    That state in between
    When all is in transition

    And all are confused
    And some are frightened
    And some are angry

    But most just want things to go back the way they were
    But of course that is not meant to be
    Things never go back the way they were
    Things move forward
    They move forward
    And the people must move forward along with them

    But the people do not know this
    They want to go home

    They want the familiar
    They want what they know

    And so they wander the Earth looking for home
    And find it not
    And there is a great mixing of the population
    Due to all its wandering
    And all the people are now intermixed
    Those who had been contained within one geographical unit
    And now interspersed with those from another
    And this is true the world over

    And the people have no choice but to help each other
    For they are all in the same plight

    And so we see stranger helping stranger
    For the former stranger is now a neighbor
    Is now a fellow
    Is now someone in the same predicament as oneself

    And the people reach out a hand to each other
    They unite to help each other
    They try to help each other
    And their brotherhood and generosity with each other is touching
    Yes it warms the heart

    And slowly, gradually
    The people stop their insistence
    On returning to the way things used to be
    And start looking at their new reality as it is

    And together they start to accept this new reality
    This new geography
    This new Earth

    And they settle in place
    And they find that their new neighbors
    Are people of a different color than they
    A different ethnicity than they

    In fact the new neighbor on the right is of one color, one ethnicity
    And the new neighbor on the left is of a different color, a different ethnicity

    And thus all the worlds people are interspersed
    Are mixed together
    For it as though they all got jumbled up
    When the Earth stopped spinning

    And of course when they all migrated searching for their home
    They all went in different directions

    And now that they are coming to the realization
    Of the reality of their situation
    As they come to this realization
    They stop in place
    For truly they are tired of migrating
    Truly they have realized that home is not there anymore
    And that they must make for themselves a new home

    And each person comes to this realization and this acceptance
    At his own pace; in his own time
    And when he does
    He stops, he stops, he stops

    In bewilderment he stops
    In confusion he stops
    In dawning realization he stops

    Do such things happen in our lifetimes

    Aren’t such things confined to history books
    Yes we know the Earth had changed in the great distant past
    But the past is over

    We had expected stability within our lifetime
    We had thought things would stay this way forever

    And no that is not the way it is playing out

    Earth has undergone massive transformations before
    And she is undergoing a massive transformation now

    And the people slowly, gradually, each in their own capacity
    Come to albeit reluctantly
    They come to accept it

    And when the moment of acceptance comes
    It is usually accompanied by a moment of exhaustion
    For truly it is the exhaustion that hastens the acceptance

    And the person stops in place
    And decides to settle where he or she is

    And thus it happens that the people of the world
    Are now all interspersed
    And who had been living in the north
    Is now living in the south
    Or in the east
    Or in the west

    It is random
    It is all random

    There truly seems no rhyme nor reason
    As to why each individual ended up where he did
    But settle down they finally do
    Accept their new situation they finally do
    Look around at their new reality they do
    Look around at their new neighbors they do

    And yes they have no choice
    For all are in the same boat
    And all are in need
    And to survive one must help each other
    That is the only way they can survive
    And the people know this
    And truth be told
    All the old distinctions
    All the old divisions
    Seem so irrelevant now

    One forgets how or why they had ever been important
    One forgets

    And one is grateful for the neighbor’s helping hand
    And one reciprocates as one can

    And thus stability returns to the land
    And thus the people create their reality anew
    To correspond with their new situation

    And it is as though all are starting from scratch
    Truly this shakeup has been a great equalizer
    And all are starting anew
    And all are starting from the same relative position

    For truly the old distinctions no longer hold
    Rich or poor are no longer relevant terms
    They hold no meaning
    No not yet

    It will take a long time for these terms to come back
    Into the people’s reality
    For now they mean nothing
    They mean nothing

    And it is as though all are immigrants
    And it is as though all are refugees
    And no there are no refugee camps built
    For there are no ‘saviors’ to build them
    There is not a healthy, whole, untouched group of people
    To take charge and to control the refugees
    No there is not

    The people themselves take charge
    The people themselves create their new reality
    The people together create their new reality

    And surprisingly enough
    This new reality
    Is more peaceful
    And yes more satisfying
    The people are more content
    There is less depression and neuroticism in the world
    As the people go about with purpose
    Building their new homes
    Helping each other
    Working together
    Helping each other to survive in this new Earth of theirs

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Copyright  2006  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved