The Coming Times
Ripe for the Picking
    And we see scenes of war
    Here, there, everywhere
    Wars are being fought

    It is not one global worldwide war
    It is a series of wars
    Strung across the planet
    Not one continent is spared
    Very few countries are spared
    Neighbor is fighting neighbor
    War after war after war is being waged
    And each one is waged with intensity, with passion, with hatred

    The passion for war consumes the combatants
    And they see nothing but their victory
    The victory is all that matters
    No price is too high to pay
    No body count too high
    No amount of destruction too great
    Victory at any cost
    Victory at all cost

    And these wars are like brush fires spread across the globe
    It seems that before one is put out
    Another starts
    And then another
    And then another
    The whole world has gone insane
    And the violence is reported in the media
    And is seen as allowable behavior
    If so-and-so did this to achieve their ends
    Then so can we
    And so war spreads and continues to spread

    And I see smoke rising up from the earth
    The aftermath of a battle
    And the smoke darkens the air
    Day is as dark as dusk
    And remains so

    And I see the survivors of the battle
    Shell-shocked and traumatized
    Their town, their village, yes their city destroyed
    The buildings collapsed to rubble
    Their relatives, friends and neighbors dead
    All dead

    And I see this continue over a period of time
    Decades go by

    And these wars continue
    And the media explains in great detail
    The specific reason for this specific war
    Its history, its participants
    And the excuses they give for hating each other so

    And each war is treated as though it is unique
    Each one of them is covered by the media
    As though it were unique
    The history of the populace is given
    Their centuries old grievance
    What triggered this fresh assault

    And these explanations are given over and over again
    For each different war
    And the names of the players change
    And one cycles through the list of excuses for the war
    Land, religion, ethnicity
    And yes the details, the surface details are analyzed
    Exhaustively by the political experts as they debate
    How to bring this particular confrontation to an end

    And as they debate
    Another war springs up somewhere on the planet
    And yet another war somewhere else on the planet

    And the experts look at the superficial details
    And no one looks at the underlying cause:

    Man has gone mad
    Collective insanity abounds
    Hatred has been given the nod

    Yes, it is all right to kill your neighbor
    For if the greatest country in the world
    Can go killing people all over the globe
    With impunity
    With no negative consequence

    They, the greatest of us all
    Our role models
    The paragons of virtue and democracy do this

    And are allowed to do this

    Then how much more should we
    Who are considered less advanced
    How much more free should we be
    To emulate them and imitate them
    As they constantly exhort us to

    Yes!  Let us emulate them
    Yes!  Let us have democracy!
    Yes!  Let us have money!
    Yes!  Let us kill whenever and wherever we please!

    And so they do
    And so they do
    Ceaselessly they do
    Relentlessly they do
    Without end they do

    Until finally the entire globe
    Looks as though it has suffered a holocaust
    The entire globe is smoldering in ashes and smoke
    And the survivors walk around in a stupor and in a haze
    Eyeing each other
    Eyeing one and all with suspicion and with dread and with fear

    And now it is as though the world has come to a standstill
    The world has come to a stop
    Most of the wars have been fought out
    There are a few still being waged here and there
    But most of the players are spent

    They are dead.  They are wounded.  They are broken
    The cities of both the victor and the defeated
    Are left as piles of rubble
    The edifices destroyed
    Most of the population – of both the victor and the defeated
    Are dead, or physically broken, or emotionally traumatized

    And it is so the whole world over
    The entire globe is in this state

    The entire planet is defeated
    The entire planet has been devastated by war

    No, it was not World War III
    But it might as well have been
    The consequences are the same

    And the planet is eerily silent
    The air waves are silent
    The media is not heard
    It too has been a casualty of the wars

    And the people are silent
    Silent they are
    Stunned they are
    Not knowing what to do next they are

    And thus they are ripe for the picking
    Ripe they are
    For the snake to come in
    And complete the job
    The people have themselves begun

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Copyright  2006  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved