The Coming Times
Never Again!
    We are on a beach
    It is the beach similar to the one in Australia
    The one in which the Australians had seen the spaceships

    And we walk inward
    And ye we see the line of people
    Stretched out in both directions
    Right and left
    Facing the sea
    Facing the sea

    And we wonder what we are doing here again
    And yes we see the same woman we had entered before
    And we need not wait for further instructions

    We enter this woman
    We like this woman
    We respect this woman
    It is easy for us to enter into her

    And we take our time
    To sense what she is thinking, what she is seeing

    They are here, they are here
    They are saving us from death
    They are granting us the gift of continued life

    They must be good; they must be

    For the snake brings about death
    The snake loves death
    The snake brings nothing but death

    We have seen that all too clearly
    In these past preceding decades

    The snake brings death
    The snake brings death
    The snake brings death

    And these ships are rescuing us from death
    Hence they are not from the snake

    That simply would not be logical
    No it would not

    For if the snake had its way
    We would all slowly, agonizingly
    Starve and thirst to death
    To death, to death

    And these ships are rescuing us from this death
    And so I choose to believe
    It makes sense to believe
    That these ships are from a source that is good
    That is benevolent
    That would keep us alive

    Oh thank you God
    Thank you God
    Thank you God

    For rescuing us from the snake

    Finally, finally, finally God
    You have finally heard the cry of your people
    And you have now finally answered our prayer

    Dear God
    Why did you take so long
    Why oh my God did you take so, so very long

    Forgive me God my impatience
    No doubt you had your reason
    Regardless my God regardless
    I forgive you your slowness
    I forgive you your waiting till the 11th hour
    To show us your salvation

    And I thank you oh my God
    For your salvation

    I understand not the form it takes
    Truly my Lord
    I would have expected angels, not spaceships

    But I am desperate my God
    I am desperate
    Beggars cannot be choosers
    And I will accept your salvation my God
    In whatever form you choose to offer it

    I accept your salvation my God
    And I thank you my God for saving my life

    I thank you my God
    For caring enough about me
    For caring enough about my life, which forgive me
    Is so important to me

    Truly I did not want to die
    In the manner and the way the snake has set up
    That truly my Lord would have been too cruel

    Thank you my God for rescuing us
    From such a painful, from such an agonizing
    From such a slow and despairing death

    My God please allow me to express my thanks to you
    For caring enough about me
    About us
    To send us your salvation
    Yea be it in the form of these strange spaceships

    I fear them not
    I fear them not
    I fear them not
    For they will keep me alive
    And life oh God is from you

    Life is from you

    These spaceships will grant us the gift of continued life
    These spaceships are from you my God
    These spaceships are from you

    My God, my God, my God
    Thank you, thank you, thank you

    Thank you for your mercy
    Thank you for your consideration
    Thank you for your work on our behalf

    Thank you my God for sending us these spaceships

    May they take us to a planet where we can start over

    And my God
    Now that we have learned to know the snake so well

    Yes my God
    Now that we have tasted and eaten and gorged
    On the knowledge of evil

    We will know my God
    We will know
    We will know

    To not make the same mistake twice

    My God thank you for giving us another chance
    May we treat our new planet, our new home
    Better than we have treated this our precious Earth

    This Earth that we have
    Forgive us
    Forgive us
    Forgive us
    Unleashed the snake on

    My God we have learned our lesson
    Bitter the lesson was
    Horror itself the lesson was
    Horror beyond imagining the lesson was

    I am surprised that some of us have actually survived

    Forgive us my God
    But we have lost so many

    So many, so many, so many
    Of our brethren and sisters have succumbed to the snake
    To their death, to their death, to their death

    And some of us my dear God
    Some of us are miraculously still, still, still alive
    We have tenaciously held on
    Held onto you we have
    Prayed to you we have
    Not heard from you we have
    Continued praying to you we have
    And still somehow miraculously alive we are

    And now it would seem we will remain alive
    We will continue to live
    We will live yet

    My God my God
    Thank you

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart
    For finally answering our prayer

    I thank you dear God
    For sending us your salvation

    And my God
    You have my word
    I will do better on this next place that you take me to
    I will do better
    I will do better

    I will my God do all I can
    To ensure not only that I not listen to the snake
    But also to somehow, somehow I know not how
    But I will ask you
    And you will tell me
    I will somehow make sure that my brothers and sisters
    Never forget
    No matter how many generations pass by
    We will not forget
    For I will tell our story
    I will tell the story of how the snake entered our planet
    Our beautiful home
    And destroyed it
    And murdered us

    I will tell our story
    And I will tell it such
    That the story will be passed down
    From generation to generation to generation
    And all shall hear of it
    And all shall be warned by it

    And all shall know
    And shall remember
    It will be part of their cellular memory
    Part of our collective unconscious
    This traumatic experience, this hell, this hell, this hell
    That we have undergone

    And my God, the story will serve
    To awaken the people’s memory
    They will recognize the story as truth
    They will at some level of their consciousness
    Recognize the story as truth
    And will know
    They will have been forewarned my God
    To not let the snake in
    To not give the snake the nod

    They will know my God
    To listen to you
    To listen to your Mother
    To listen to your Son

    While they are still fortunate enough to have them around
    Speaking to them

    My God forgive us for ignoring your messengers
    Forgive us my God our obliviousness
    My prayer request my God
    Is that this experience as traumatizing as it has been
    Be forever imprinted into our cellular memory
    That we learn from it
    That we know, instinctively know
    To not allow for such destruction again

    Never again my God
    Never again!

    As the Jewish people say my God
    Never Again!

    And may it be so my God
    May it be so

    Never Again!

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