The Coming Times
Darker than the darkness that surrounds it
    And I look into darkness visible
    And I see the figure of Jesus floating toward us
    He grins at me
    He then floats vertically before us
    And beckons his finger
    We are to follow him

    And so we position ourselves laterally and swim after him

    And Jesus is swimming before us in darkness visible
    And we are swimming right behind him following him

    And Jesus stops and goes vertical and turns and faces us
Lord Jesus Christ
    Look around you my children
    What do you see
    And we look around us
    And at first we see nothing but darkness visible
    And then we see variations in the darkness
    There are shapes that are darker than the darkness
Lord Jesus Christ
    Yes exactly so
    Well said
    There are shapes that are darker than the darkness

    And what do you suppose those shapes to be
    The asuras?
Lord Jesus Christ
    Hmm … that is one answer
    Think upon it some more
    Reflect upon it
    Look at these shapes and reflect upon them
    And I look at these shapes
    And they are grotesque
    They are large and misshapen
    They are hunched over
    One gives the appearance of being a hunchback

    And a thought slowly begins to form in my mind
    Oh but no
    Surely not
    For this creature is too large
    To be a human, a mortal

    Surely not

    And the creature has taken definite shape now
    I can see it clearly
    And yes he does have the appearance of a human
    More or less
    He is a giant, a deformed giant

    And I turn to the Lord helplessly

    Lord, I say, I can describe what I see
    But I cannot interpret
Lord Jesus Christ
    Then I must ask you to speak to this creature
    Greet him and ask him who he is
    Yes ask him what he is and what he once was
    Greetings Sir, I say
    And the creature looks at me interestedly

    Please if you would tell me who you are
    My name is Legion and we are many
    And my shock is great
    And I remember what the Lord has requested of me
    And I ask him

    Please Legion, tell me what you once were
    I was once a human
    I was once another human
    I was once another human yet

    We are many humans
    We have gathered together into one form
    For we would not be alone in this darkness
    We would not be alone in this darkness
    No we would not

    And we have united
    And we are now one though we are many
    We are united
    So that we are not left to face the darkness alone
    Thank you for your reply
    I state to Legion

    And then I turn to the Lord
    For truly I feel to be in over my head
Lord Jesus Christ
    Ask him why he does not go home
    Please Legion, tell me
    Why do you not go home
    I know not how
    And anyway I would not be welcome
    Of that I am sure
    Why are you so sure
    Because I hate!
    Because I hate!
    Because I hate! Hate! Hate!

    That is why
    And I turn to the Lord
Lord Jesus Christ
    Ask him who and what he hates
    Legion, please can you, would you tell me
    Who and what you hate
    I hate you!
    I hate me
    And he breaks down crying
    I hate me
    I hate me

    Oh God forgive me I hate me
    But God does forgive you
    I don’t want him to!
    I hate him too!

    I hate him
    I hate him
    I hate him

    And I don’t want forgiveness
    No I do not

    I do not want to pretend that I am not who I am
    I am not sorry
    I will not pretend that I am sorry
    I am who and what I am

    And I am dark
    And I am dark
    And I am dark

    And I will not choose for the light
    Not for God
    Not for anyone else
    No I will not
    I will not deny myself
    I will not deny who I am
    Who I have become

    I will not deny my choices
    They were my choices
    They were my choices to make
    And I take none of them back
    No, not one

    And I apologize to no one
    And I go down on my knees before no one
    No one, do you hear me, no one!
    Are you happy, Legion?

    And this must have been the wrong question to ask
    For he closes up
    The human form disappears
    And now one sees only the form of a blob
    A dark blob
    There is no longer a recognizable face
    There is no recognizable feature

    It is a dark form, darker than the darkness that surrounds it

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Copyright  2006  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved