The Coming Times
The Veils Thin
    And I see humanity upon the globe
    Humanity going about its daily activities
    Working, playing, living in their homes

    I see humanity all over the globe
    Humanity in all its various colors and ethnicities and different styles of dress
    And yet I note how remarkably similar their activities are
    They work; they play; they rest with their families in their homes
    This is true for all of humanity all over the globe

    And I marvel at this commonality
    How alike we are!  I think to myself.  How surprisingly alike!

    And then I see a few individuals look up startled toward the Heavens
    They have heard something; they have sensed something; they know not what
    They shrug it off, no matter, and return to their routine

    And now I see more people look nervously about them
    They are seeing what they do not comprehend
    Are others seeing what they are seeing?
    They do not dare ask for fear of being labeled insane
    They remain quiet with their fears
    They remain quiet about what they think they see

    And I see that this is happening to more and more individuals across the globe
    There are an ever increasing number of individuals who see
    What they have been taught is un-seeable
    What they have in fact been taught does not exist

    And some of them are able to reconcile what they see
    Within the framework of their current belief about reality
    But many are not, and these many grow increasingly nervous
    They fear for their sanity
    They speak not to others of what they perceive
    But they do, in isolation, turn to books
    To book after book after book
    Hoping to find an explanation for what it is they are seeing
    And while some books give them a modicum of reassurance
    There is no book, none that they can find, that explains their experience
    Not to their satisfaction
    And their unease grows
    And many turn to psychiatrists who medicate them
    And for some the medication dulls them and the visions decrease
    At least for a little while
    And then come back stronger and more powerful than before
    And now they are truly frightened
    And they turn to their psychiatrists for yet stronger medication
    And the psychiatrists are more than willing to comply
    And the list of symptoms of unease that these individuals
    Who would medicate their visions away grows and grows and grows
    Until they are completely dependant
    Upon their ever growing list of ever stronger medications
    Just to make it through the day
    And they are dulled by their medications
    And eventually the medications are strong enough
    Are taken in large enough quantities
    That the individuals see their visions no more
    Or if they do, they do so with detachment
    It is no more than a movie they are seeing
    And they go through their days in a stupor
    Mindlessly putting one foot in front of the other
    Trying to maintain, trying to maintain, trying to maintain
    And for a while they do
    For a while they do
    For a while they do
    And then one night the whole thing comes crashing down in on them
    And they are left on their knees crying hysterically and in terror
    For they realize that what they are seeing is real
    It is real; it is real; it is real
    And they know not what to make of it
    No, they do not
    They have no frame of reference
    None at all
    For the veils are thinning you see
    The veils between the planes of reality are beginning to thin
    They have been thinning for some time now

    And this phenomena first manifested with the sense of Hearing
    The people called it many things
    They called it channeling; they called it receiving
    They called it their intuition; they called it their inner knowing

    And hearing was the first sense
    That perceived the thinning of the veils
    Between the different planes of reality

    And the people who heard were not frightened
    For it was a silent, inner knowing
    Nothing they could not handle
    And many in fact did quite well for themselves with this new facility
    Writing books which found an audience
    And they were pleased
    And they were excited
    And it was fun
    Almost like a game

    But the other senses eventually also began to perceive the thinning of the veils
    And when the other senses got involved
    Things began to feel less like an exercise in words
    And they began to feel more experiential

    These weren’t merely words that one could hear and write anymore
    These weren’t merely words that one could read and find interesting anymore
    These were actual experiences!

    Some people noticed their sense of Smell sensitive to the thinning of the veil
    They would actually smell the odor of evil
    And be alerted that something was off
    They were doing something wrong
    Or they were in the wrong place at the wrong time
    Or something malevolent was coming their way

    And in time these individuals learnt to trust their sense of smell
    For it was uncannily accurate
    And as soon as they perceived the odor of evil
    They immediately stopped what they were doing
    And looked around and listened within
    And determined what it was that they needed to change
    And their sense of smell would tell them
    When they had successfully accomplished the necessary change
    For the odor of evil would no longer pervade their nostrils
    And the individuals breathed a sigh of relief
    Yes, they had escaped this particular danger
    They might not even ever know what this particular danger was
    But that they had been spared danger they KNEW
    For they had learned the hard way to ignore their sense of smell at their own peril

    But like hearing, smelling was not frightening
    People could hear and people could smell
    And yet continue about their day’s routine in confidence
    Truly not expecting anything to really change
    Despite all the books and all the words that had been written and published
    Why they were just words.  They didn’t really mean anything.  Just words

    The sense of Touch also became heightened
    As some people began to perceive their bodies tingling, almost vibrating
    They could feel their skin and the air immediately above their skin vibrating
    It was though the air above and around their skin
    Was actually part of their own body
    And this was an interesting phenomena, quite fun actually, this tingling
    It made one feel more alive somehow
    And it certainly did not interfere with their daily lives.  No, it did not

    But now, but now, but now
    The sense of Sight began to perceive the thinning of the veils

    And now, and now, and now
    This was not a game anymore
    These were not just interesting, even fascinating words in a book anymore
    This was no longer an early warning system, an intuition anymore
    For when their sense of sight became activated
    What the people saw truly frightened them

    They were confused
    They were confused
    They were confused

    And yes, they had to admit it, they were frightened
    For the range of what they saw was truly staggering
    From the depths of hell to the heights of Heaven
    They slowly, surely started to see
    And it was too much
    It was just too much
    Too much for a person to grasp
    Too much for a mind to wrap its understanding around
    For nothing had prepared them for what they were beginning to see
    Nothing, nothing, nothing
    Not their religions, not their framework of reality
    Not their knowledge of science, of physics
    No, nothing at all had prepared them for what they were beginning to see
    No not even the books that had been coming out in the previous years by those
    whose hearing had been activated
    Even those books had not warned them of the enormity and range and vastness of
    what they were seeing
    And they were seeing so much!
    So very much!
    Too much!
    Who wanted to see so much
    No, it was too much
    It was much too much

    And some people chose insanity
    Over trying to understand the new reality facing them
    And other people chose suicide
    Over trying to understand the new reality facing them
    For it was truly a new and completely different reality that was facing them
    And they were not prepared, no they were not, no they were not

    And other people chose to sit in their rooms, by themselves
    And quietly contemplate what it was they were seeing
    And these people asked their god to explain to them what it was they were seeing
    And these people listened to the still small voice within
    As their god explained to them, in as much detail as they could absorb
    What it was they were seeing

    And these people were left stunned
    Could it be
    Could it possibly be
    Could such a thing possibly be now occurring

    For the veils between the different planes of reality were thinning you see
    And one could see
    One could see
    One could see
    What one was capable of seeing

    And some people saw demons
    And other people saw monsters and snakes
    And other people saw the dead

    And other people saw planes of reality not too different from their own
    And yet different enough to recognize that it was not their own

    There was so much to see!
    There was too much to see!
    And who could have thought that there was so much to the universe

    And yes of course the scientists had been talking for years
    About parallel universes and different timelines
    But those had been merely words
    Just words!
    And now to see the reality behind these words
    It was awesome to behold
    It was terrifying to behold
    It was exciting beyond words
    Depending on who was doing the looking
    For yes of course, the reaction to this new phenomena differed greatly
    Depending upon the individuals involved

    What was most amazing about this phenomena
    Was how it was not talked about for a very, very long time

    Even the people who had been writing books that they had ‘channeled’
    That they had ‘received’, that they had somehow ‘known’
    Even they did not talk about what they were seeing

    No, almost no one spoke of it
    For almost all thought they, and they alone
    Were seeing what they were seeing

    The self-imposed isolation of the people was truly remarkable

    And slowly, slowly, slowly
    Gradually, gradually, gradually
    Those who allowed for it
    Those who contemplated their visions
    And asked their god for understanding
    And listened to and heard their god’s response
    Slowly, gradually, surely
    These people began to understand what it was they were seeing
    And they felt great relief
    For truly it is a great feeling of relief to know that you are in fact not insane

    And the people saw the truth of their own lives
    And that was perhaps the most painful seeing of all
    Seeing the truth, the honest and full truth of who they have been
    And what they have done with their lives

    And again, some people were not able to endure the pain of such truth
    And chose to suicide

    And others chose to face the truth of who they had been
    And ask their god for guidance as to how to improve themselves
    And lived

    But it was seeing the reality
    That was increasingly manifesting all around them
    That was staggering
    Why it just staggered the imagination
    The variety, the complexity, the wide range to life in the universe

    For truly Earth had become a small place
    As the people contemplated all around them
    And there was so much ALL to see

    Yes there really were demons and one could actually see them
    And yes there really were angels and one could actually see them

    And somehow, somehow, the people lost the taste for their daily routines
    Their work, their play, their very homes no longer interested them
    For they could all too well see the insignificance of such
    In the face of this large, mighty, and complex universe

    And though the people lost their taste in what they had been doing
    They truly did not know what to do next

    How does one live in this new universe
    One in which demons and angels and humans co-exist
    One in which communication between all 3 are possible

    How does one function
    How does one act
    How does one approach this new universal order


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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved